Stretching the Soul

Life is uncomfortable. I mean who wants to feel sad/tired/alone? Especially when we are working so hard on ourselves with meditation/yoga/online courses whilst reducing our caffeine intake.

Can’t life just be easy?

It might get super-hard sometimes, but the good news is that everything does happen for a reason. Yep. That old chestnut. I said it. It sucks to hear when you are in the middle of your latest crisis; but it does help us to get through those times.

Every time we are experiencing something challenging- this is our soul calling out to us to grow. Inviting us to lean into the experience and accept it for what it is. Asking us to look for the spiritual gold here and turn it into something we could never had done had we not experienced this level of pain. As an added bonus, it helps us to cultivate compassion for those around us experiencing something similar- and /or we can pass our wisdom down the line when inevitably someone will cross our path down the track going through a similar thing.

So you see- pain and heartbreak are inevitably good for us- they help us to figure out who we really are and what we are capable of in this crazy thing called life. And if you still ain’t picking up what I am putting down- I recommend reading the Yoga Sutras; or some Buddhist Philosophy- suffering is inevitable - it’s our perception that makes the difference.

Rochelle Barclay